Ep. 84: Ending Sexual Misconduct in Politics with #EnoughIsEnough; TheRealDinoRossi.com

Stanford law professor Michele Dauber first came to prominence following the sentencing of Stanford student Brock Turner, who was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. Turner received a sentence of just six months from Judge Aaron Persky, and Dauber subsequently led a voter initiative to remove Persky from the bench.

Recently, she has launched the Enough Is Enough Voter Project, which is committed to making violence against women a voting issue by actively exposing lawmakers and candidates who have been credibly accused of sexual assault, harassment, or domestic violence, and then working to defeat them at the polls.

Also, residents in the 8th congressional district may have recently seen billboards with the website, TheRealDinoRossi.com, on them, and wondered what that’s all about. Both the billboards and the website are the work of members of Indivisible Washington’s 8th district (and are funded by the Indivisible Project—not in conjunction with any candidate or candidate’s committee). We’re joined by one of the creators of the content on the site, Tiffany Smith-Fleischman, to talk about educating and informing voters about the sometimes elusive political stances of Republican Dino Rossi, who’s running for Congress in the 8th congressional district.