Ep. 85: The #MyVoiceMyVote Video Challenge and Launch Event!

This week, we devote the entire show to the #MyVoteMyVoice video voter challenge (which is designed to be the ice bucket challenge for voting, only without the ice and without the bucket) and to the launch event happening at Optimism Brewery in Seattle on October 22nd.

We speak with several of the speakers and sponsors for the event, including:

– Claudia Castro Luna, WA State Poet Laureate
– Erin Albanese, co-founder of Lawyer Moms of America; and Tahmina Watson, founder of the Washington Immigrant Defense Network (WIDEN)
– Kim Rachmeler, Director of Engineering at the New Data Project, creators of the app, Vote With Me
– Casey Latiolais, designer of the Drumpf Chicken

Launch event:
Monday, October 22nd
7-9 PM
Optimism Brewery
1158 Broadway
Seattle, WA

Instructions for posting your own #MyVoteMyVoice
– Record a selfie video, 60 seconds in length, talking about what your vote will “say” on November 6th
– Tag 3-5 people
– Post to social media with the hashtag #MyVoteMyVoice

Claudia Casto Luna’s poet laureate blog: wapoetlaureate.org/

Donate to or volunteer with WIDEN: www.widenlaw.org/

New Data Project: newdataproject.us/
Vote With Me: votewithme.us/index.html

Drumpf Chicken designer Casey Latiolais’ design and Kickstarter for the “Twitturd”: vimeo.com/293255603