Town Hall: Fighting Back Against GOP Attacks on Our Schools

I’m sure you’re familiar now with the attacks on our public schools and school boards. They have been under siege by those whose messaging and tactics are being driven by GOP politicians and the Christian right, agitating around things like mask mandates and any and all forms of education teaching equity in our schools.

On Tuesday, March 8th, we hosted a 90-minute town hall featuring:

– Tinselyn Simms (Co-founder, We Make the Future Action)
– Ellen Floyd (Indivisible Tacoma)
– Taniesha Lyons (Community advocate and candidate for Clover Park school board in Lakewood)
– Petra Hoy (Community organizer and activist in Spokane Valley, founder of Be the Change 509)
– Terry Jess (Bellevue teacher nominated for an NEA social justice award)

Plus YOUR testimonials!

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