Saving the USPS with Sec. of State Candidate Gael Tarleton; Key WA 2020 Races

U.S. Postal Service trucks are lined up in Miami Beach, Fla. The agency says that without emergency funding from Congress, it could run out of money within months.

This week, we speak first with State Representative Gael Tarleton, who is running for Secretary of State. Alongside the governor and the state attorney general, Tarleton has mobilized a response to the Trump administration’s sabotage of the United States Postal Service here in the state. We’ll hear her demands to put a stop to the dismantling of our postal infrastructure, and she also list of ways that you can get involved in the fight.

Then, if you’ve been wondering what’s at stake in this year’s state, congressional, and legislative elections and about where you should be putting your time and resources, we have a show for that. Join our panel to hear how you can make a real difference here in Washington in 2020.


Gael Tarleton’s List of Calls to Action:
– Contact your county auditor and find out where a ballot box is near you: go to
– Vote early!
– Thank your postal worker!
– If you hear of any dismantling of equipment, contact your county auditor, your member of Congress, and your state representatives and senator!

USPS National Call to Action:
Saturday, August 22, 11 AM
Show up at local post offices across the country to save the post office from Donald Trump and declare that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy must resign.
Find an action near you:

Other steps from Indivisible:
1. Text USPS to 977-79 and we’ll send you a script to call your Reps.
2. Show up Saturday:
3. Sign up to talk to voters:
4. Be ready to Protect the Results: