Ep. 89: Congresswoman-elect Dr. Kim Schrier; Indivisible GA-6’s Amy Nosek Talks GA Elections

This week, we talk first with Congresswoman elect from the 8th CD, Dr. Kim Schrier. In a wide ranging discussion, we talk about her experiences thus far in DC, about the surprising election night, and about what she plans to do right away on issues like gun safety, checking corruption in the Drumpf administration, and, of course, health care.

Also, the state of GA has been in the spotlight following the midterms, in part because the 6th district elected its first African American ever, and its first Democrat since 1979, and also because of the contested gubernatorial race there. We check in with the head of Indivisible GA’s 6th to get a view from the ground.

And finally, back here in Washington, the Democratic party will be undergoing a reorganization, or reorg, and 5th LD committee member Josh Trupin joins us to break down what it all means.

Guide to WA Democratic Party Re-org Dates: bit.ly/WAReorg2018