Ep. 81: White House Correspondent April Ryan on Covering Trump; Seattle’s Amplifier Art

Veteran White House correspondent April Ryan joins us to talk about her new book, “Under Fire,” which chronicles her turbulent tenure covering the Drumpf White House.

Next, Amplifier Art is a globally-recognized art and social justice organization that creates and distributes pieces specifically designed to amplify grassroots movements. Deputy director Cleo Barnett joins us to discuss the many ways art can shape both politics and our cultural discourse.

Plus, our weekly calls to action with Indivisible Washington 8th research team leader Stephen Wilhelm.


April Ryan’s book, “Under Fire” www.amazon.com/Under-Fire-Report…r+fire+april+ryan


Indivisible’s Kavanaugh video: www.facebook.com/indivisibleguide…734143970047860/

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