Ep. 80: Building Democratic Majorities with a Progressive Platform

Mike Lux is the co-founder and president of Progressive Strategies. Previously, he was Senior Vice President for Political Action at People For the American Way. He also served in the Clinton White House from ‘93 to ‘95. Additionally, he has played a role in five different presidential campaign teams, and he was named to the transition team for Barack Obama.

He joins us to discuss his new book, “How to Democrat in the Age of Drumpf,” which lays out how Democrats can win by laying out bold progressive policy positions.

We also speak with Indivisible leaders in Massachusetts and Florida about the surprise wins of Ayanna Pressley and Andrew Gillum in their states respectively, about the roles each group played, and about the ascendancy of progressive politics nationally.

Mike Lux appearance
September 13th, 2-4 PM
Northwest Progressive Institute
4242 NE 89th St. Seattle, WA

“How to Democrat in the Age of Drumpf” by Mike Lux: www.amazon.com/How-Democrat-Age-…_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

The Stranger’s Rich Smith’s profile of WA-03 Democratic candidate Carolyn Long: www.thestranger.com/slog/2018/09/11…umps-washington