Ep. 104: Washington Responds to the NZ Mosque Shooting; The Crosscut Festival

In the wake of the mass killing of 50 Muslim worshipers in New Zealand, a consortium of interfaith leaders and elected officials gathered on Monday at the Muslim Association of Puget Sound in Redmond for an evening of grief, solidarity, and hope. We’re joined this week by the executive director of the American Muslim Empowerment Network, Aneelah Afzali, to talk about how we can combat the scourge of global hate and Islamaphobia.

Then, for the second year running, the Crosscut Festival returns to Seattle. We talk with the director of the festival, Jake Newman, about the over 75 top-name guests, including Valerie Jarrett, Macklemore, Janet Napolitano, and many others, who will converge on Seattle University on May 3rd and 4th.

We also have our weekly calls to action with research team leader Stephen Wilhelm.


Learn about the Islamaphobia Network:

Sign the Petition to Repeal the Muslim Ban:

Take Action with Your Representatives to Repeal the Ban:

Support the WA State Hate Crimes Bill:

Support the WA State Religious Accommodations Bill:

Demand Public Schools Respect All Religions:

Sign the Petition to Change Violent, Islamaphobic City Names

Donate to the Victims in New Zealand:

Attend Upcoming Events to Get to Know Your Muslim Neighbors:
– Mosque visit at MAPS on April 6th: tinyurl.com/visitmaps
– Peace Assembly and Community Dinner at Sammamish Mosque: www.facebook.com/events/975489695990339/
– Sammamish Community Iftar on May 19th: bit.ly/SammamishIftar



Crosscut’s article on fuel standards and gas prices in WA: crosscut.com/2019/03/what-would…9&utm_medium=email

Senate Bills in Consideration by House Committees:

House Rural Development, Agriculture, & Natural Resources Committee
• SB 5077: Prohibits single-use plastic straws
• SB 5577: Concerning the protection of southern resident orcas from vessels

House Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee
• SB 5497: Keep Washington Working; Establishing a statewide policy supporting WA’s economy and immigrants’ role in the workplace
• SB 5181: Temporarily restricting firearms access after involuntary 72-hour hold
• SB 5508: Clarifying background check requirements for concealed pistol license

House State Government Committee
• SB 5063: Providing prepaid postage for all election ballots
• SB 5294: Creating legal provisions for legislative service
• SB 5287: Ensuring accurate redistricting

House Bills in Consideration by Senate Committees:

Senate Environment & Technology Committee
• HB 1110: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation
• HB 1578: Reducing threats to southern resident orcas by improving the safety of oil transportation
• HB 1579: Implementing recommendations of the southern resident killer whale task force related to increasing chinook abundance
• HB 1341: Concerning the use of unmanned aerial systems near certain protected marine species, including southern resident orcas

Senate Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources Committee
• HB 1114: Reduces food waste to fight hunger and reduce environmental impacts

Senate State Government Committee
• HB 1379: Concerning disclosure of contributions from political committees to other political committees
• HB 1251: Concerning security breaches of election systems or election data including by foreign entities