Ep. 103: Indivisible’s Guide to the 2020 Primaries; Washington’s Caucus vs. Primary


This week, we’re joined by Indivisible’s national political director to talk about the 2020 presidential primary. Mari Urbina has written a guide detailing how Indivisible groups can help to nominate a strong candidate, how can we all work together during that process, and then, how we can channel the political clout and grassroots power we’ve amassed over the last two years.

Also, for years, Washington has selected delegates for Democratic presidential candidates by caucus, but that could be changing. Washington Democratic State Committee member Josh Trupin joins us to talk about why.

And we wrap things up with our weekly call to action with research team leader Stephen Wilhelm.


Mari’s Primary Guide: https://indivisible.org/blog/primary-2020-how-we-engage-win

Info about Primaries: https://indivisible.org/resource/get-ready-primary-season

Mari’s Twitter: @tiamari489



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