WEEK IN REVIEW 11/17/17: Chris Petzold (Indivisible WA 8th) and Josh Trupin (Dem. 8th CD Chair)

This week, Stephan, along with panelists Josh Trupin (Democratic Chair of Washington’s 8th Congressional District) and Chris Petzold (founder and head of Indivisible Washington’s 8th District) discuss Thursday’s passage of the GOP tax bill through the House, and how it might be a losing proposition for Republicans no matter what happens next.

They also break down the shift in the balance of power in Olympia now that the Democrats officially have a one-vote majority in the senate, and lay out what we can expect to get done (as well as what likely won’t, at least not right away).

And last, they discuss the Senate race in Alabama. Plus, they each confess what they didn’t know BT (or, “Before Drumpf”).