Town Hall Deep Dive Series: Why WA Needs Progressive Taxation Now

Most progressives agree that the way that we do taxation in Washington State is fundamentally wrong. The burden falls on the people who can least afford it. The good news is, we may finally be taking some steps toward fixing that in this year’s legislative session.

In this town hall, we’re joined by three of the state’s most prominent voices in the fight to make our state’s taxation fairer and more equitable: Misha Werschkul of the Washington State Budget & Policy Center, Treasure Mackley of Invest in Washington Now, and Sharonne Navas of the Equity in Education Coalition and All in For Washington.

They explain why our tax system is the way it is, what can be done to change it–will a focus on current bills that are in play in this year’s legislature, and they detail how you can make a difference!


Washington State Budget and Policy Center:

All in for Washington:

Equity in Education Coalition:

Invest in Washington Now: