Sunrise Movement Executive Director and Co-Founder Varshini Prakash

Varshini Prakash is the co-founder and executive director of the Sunrise Movement, a youth-driven movement that advocates for political action on climate change, and that first gained prominence when they occupied Nancy Pelosi’s office in 2018 to demand passage of the Green New Deal.

She has just released a new collection of essays she’s co-edited entitled “Winning the Green New Deal: Why We Must, How We Can.” The book is equal parts explainer, call to arms, and road map, with essays by Naomi Klein, Joseph Stiglitz, Bill McKibben, and many others.

In a wide ranging discussion, we talk about the nation’s multiple climate crises, the Sunrise Movement’s impact on Biden’s climate platform, the conflict between capitalism and the climate, and whether she is optimistic about the future.

Buy the book here:…Caps%2C291&sr=8-1