Righting a Historic Wrong on WA Affirmative Action

In 1998, voters in Washington approved Initiative 200, which many interpreted as ending affirmative action in the state. It turns out that interpretation is incorrect, and that has resulted in a terrible cost for BIPOC communities and women for 23 years.

Today, an organization called Washington Equity Now Alliance, is dedicated to righting what is a historic wrong. We’re joined by five-term state representative Jesse Wineberry to talk about what’s being done, and about how you can help.

Show Notes:

Sign and donate via website (https://waequitynow.com), or via the Take Action Network (https://www.takeaction.network/xactions/16020)

For groups to sign on: https://bit.ly/EquityNow_SignOn

Also asking LDs and County Democratic orgs to pass a resolution in support of this.

Supporting documents: