Jaime Harrison on His Campaign to Unseat SC Senator Lindsey Graham

The road to a Democratic Senate runs through the state of South Carolina. Senator Lindsey Graham has held the seat since 2004, but DNC associate chair Jaime Harrison is looking to end that streak. He’s also looking to bring hope and structural change to a state that has traditionally been seen as deep red, but is beginning to show signs of shifting to blue.

Harrison also discusses his five-point plan to address the coronavirus pandemic at the federal level, and get his take on voter suppression and the push for national vote-by-mail.


Jaime Harrison’s campaign website: jaimeharrison.com/

Harrison’s five-point plan to combat coronavirus: medium.com/@harrisonforsenate/…sponse-6c89242b2339

Latest polling on the Graham/Harrison matchup: jaimeharrison.com/wp-content/uploa…polling-memo.pdf

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