Episode 13: The Climate Marches, Plus the Democracy Fair for the 8th Congressional District

On this week’s show, we talk with Joshua Trupin, Chairman of the Washington 8th Congressional District Committee, about the committee’s agenda, and about the Democracy Fair scheduled for Saturday, April 29th (details below).

And then we speak with Stina Janssen, a field organizer for the Washington Environmental Council. She details what the organization does around the state, and gives a preview of the MANY climate events planned for Saturday the 29th (details below).

Democracy Fair and 8th Congressional District Organizational Meeting:


Climate March events (via the Washington Environmental Council email):

Join in at one or many of the events happening over the next few weeks with these three easy steps:

Step 1: Research what event you want to go to. This website – earthday2mayday.org – has them all listed, and some of our personal recommendations are listed below.

Step 2: Join up with us at these events, so make sure to RSVP to attend with us and our partners with the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy! Click here to RSVP: waenvironment.cmail20.com/t/i-l-uhouud…urdtdtuiu-j/

Step 3: Share your favorite event on social media or with your friends. It’s more fun to march with friends, so invite them too!

Here are a few events we recommend:

· People’s Climate March: March for equitable climate action in towns and cities across Washington State, April 29th. More info here: waenvironment.cmail20.com/t/i-l-uhouud…urdtdtuiu-i/

· People’s Climate Action Summit: Organize, share, and deepen relationships between communities and organizations working to build intersectional climate action with workshops and discussions throughout the day in Seattle, April 29th, 12-5PM. More info here: waenvironment.cmail20.com/t/i-l-uhouud…urdtdtuiu-d/

· Climate Justice Feeder March in Seattle to the May Day March for Workers and Immigrant Rights, and support workers and immigrants marching on May Day in Yakima. More info on Seattle here: waenvironment.cmail20.com/t/i-l-uhouud…urdtdtuiu-k/

…and Yakima here: waenvironment.cmail20.com/t/i-l-uhouud…urdtdtuiu-u/