Ep. 97: The Sunrise Movement; Seattle’s Howard Schultz Protest

Changing political hearts and minds on climate change is tough, but it’s possible. And for today’s young people, it may be a matter of life and death, as storms, wildfires, and even our seasons grow more intense.

The Sunrise Movement is a political action group made up primarily of young people, and is focused on nationwide efforts to pressure lawmakers to take action on climate change (you may recall their occupation of Nancy Pelosi’s congressional office after the midterm elections).

We’re joined this week by Sunrise co-founder Stephen O’Hanlon to learn about how this group is approaching the fight of their lives.

Also, in the wake of former Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz’s announcement that he intends to run for president as an independent, we learn more about the protest rallies forming in cities around Schultz’s book tour, beginning Thursday night in Seattle.


About Stephen O’Hanlon:

Information about Seattle’s Howard Schultz Protest: www.facebook.com/events/2252725728092583/