Ep. 78: The Case for the Impeachment of Donald Trump; The Seattle Teachers Strike

Ron Fein is a constitutional lawyer and the legal director for Free Speech for People, a nonprofit founded in the wake of the Citizens United ruling, and he lays out eight charges in a book he co-authored called “The Constitution Demands It—the Case for the Impeachment of Donald Drumpf.”

In our wide-ranging discussion, we talk about what the framers intended with impeachment, and about how, while each of Drumpf’s transgressions may not precisely rise to the level of criminal infractions, they add up to a tyrannical abuse of power that the Founding Fathers very much warned us against.


Then, in the wake of the news of the planned Seattle school strike, Washington’s Paramount Duty co-founder and president Summer Stinson joins us to talk about how we wound up here, and what might be a way forward.



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