Ep. 69: The Continuing Fight for Immigrant Children; The State Democratic Convention Postgame

A big show this week: First, we talk with Seattle immigration lawyer Minda Thorward about Trump’s just-signed executive order, what it does and doesn’t do for immigrant families. Then, the Stranger’s Rich Smith on the many stories and lies the Trump administration has told about its policy of separating asylum-seekers from their children. Also, we check in with the leader of Indivisible Washington’s 8th District’s research team, Stephen Wilhelm, to learn about what we can be doing in response to all of this.

In the second half of the show, we discuss last weekend’s state Democratic convention in Wenatchee, first with 5th LD Democratic state committee member Josh Trupin, who gives a great rundown both on what happens at a state convention generally, and specifically about what happened at this year’s convention. And finally, we talk with Jen Carter, an Indivisible member who attended this year for the first time as a delegate from the 5th legislative district.