Ep. 60: DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison; Moveon.org’s Ben Wikler on the Plan for Mobilization

Representative Keith Ellison, Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee, joins us to talk about what’s at stake in November’s mid-term elections, and about how we all have a role to play in helping to flip one or both chambers for the Democrats. He also addresses the DNCC’s controversial actions in Democratic primary elections.

Then, in light of the recent developments around the investigation into Drumpf’s personal lawyer, we revisit our interview with Washington DC director for Moveon.org’s Ben Wikler to hear about the plans for mobilization, should special counsel Robert Mueller be fired.

Plus a preview of this weekend’s Tax Rally, and the March for Science.


Drumpf Is Not Above the Law (Moveon.org’s site for mobilization)

March for Science

Tax Rally