Ep. 53: Moms Demand Action’s Shannon Watts; Alliance for Gun Responsibility’s Renee Hopkins; Reichert’s Inaction on Guns; Indivisible Houston

This week, we continue our discussion about gun violence in America, speaking first with Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, about why the political climate might finally be shifting on the issue of guns.

We also talk with the CEO of the Washington-based nonprofit, Alliance for Gun Responsibility, Renee Hopkins, about some of their legislative successes at the state level, and about what her organization has planned for the 2018 session in Olympia.

Next, coverage of constituents attempting to meet with 8th district congressman Dave Reichert to demand action on gun safety.

And finally, we speak again with Indivisible Houston’s Daniel Cohen about his fight to hold county officials responsible for their failure to adequately prepare for Hurricane Harvey.


Moms Demand Action
MDA’s plan to get rid of lawmakers beholden to the gun lobby

The Alliance for Gun Responsibility
The Alliance’s 2018 legislative agenda

Indivisible Houston’s Daniel Cohen at the Harris County Commissioner Court

ProPublica’s article on Harris County’s inaction before Hurricane Harvey