Ep. 39: Trump Tax Plan Resistance Summit; Washington State Budget & Policy Center’s Andy Nicholas

This week’s show is all about taxes. First, we talk with Indivisible member Kat Martin about her one-day seminar called the Drumpf Tax Plan Resistance Summit, which features Indivisible’s Chad Bolt and Seattle philanthropist Nick Hanauer. The event, which will be held in Seattle on Sunday, November 12th, will teach attendees not only how to resist the GOP tax plan, but also how to build coalitions and resistance movements that last.

Then we chat with associate director of fiscal policy with the Washington State Budget & Policy Center, Andy Nicholas, all about how the GOP tax plan may affect us here in the state.

All that, plus our dose of good news!


Andy Nicholas’s graphic on how the GOP tax plan will affect us in WA

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More info on the Drumpf Tax Plan Resistance Summit at notonepenny.org