Ep. 28: Washington State Democrats’ Dylan Cate on the Summer of Canvass; Ana Sofia Knauf and Steven Hsieh of The Stranger on the Seattle Patriot Prayer Protests; and (Stephan’s Mom) Janice Cox on Canvassing

It’s a big show this week: First, Stephan talks with Ana Sofia Knauf and Steven Hsieh about their exceptional on-the-scene reporting on the Patriot Prayer rally and the counter protests that took place in Seattle on Sunday, August 13th.

Then it’s a discussion with Washington State Democratic Party’s Director of Organizing and Strategic Campaigns, Dylan Cate, about the Summer of Canvass, and what comes next.

And finally, Stephan’s mom, Janice Cox, comes on the show to talk about her experiences canvassing for the very first time!

All that, plus this week’s call to action!

Ana Sofia Knauf’s Twitter

Washington State Democrats Summer of Canvass