Ep. 140: Impeachment Talking Points for the Holidays; Fighting Eyman’s Advisory Ballots

Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner

This week, how to talk about impeachment. The holidays are upon us, and that may mean spending time with people who have… alternate views on the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump. We have what we hope is an entertaining presentation designed to arm you with talking points.

Then, we’re joined again by the Northwest Progressive Institute’s Andrew Villeneuve to talk about legislation he’s helping push through in Olympia to get rid of Tim Eyman’s advisory votes, those things that clog up our ballots each year. We also discuss the passage of the so-called car-tab bill, I 976, and about what may happen next.


David Roberts’ article on the crisis of truth in the era of impeachment: www.vox.com/policy-and-politics…ca-epistemic-crisis

Help get rid of Tim Eyman’s Push Polls: https://actionnetwork.org/letters/tell-washingtons-legislative-leaders-you-want-tim-eymans-push-polls-repealed

See the list of Tim Eyman’s ballot initiatives that have been ruled unconstitutional: www.PermanentDefense.org