Ep. 136: WA 2019 Election Special; OutreachCircle CEO Sangeeth Peruri

This week, with the 2019 election upon us here in Washington, we have an in-depth look at key races and initiatives from all over the state, with an expert lineup:

  • The Stranger’s Rich Smith
  • Indivisible Washington’s 8th District leader Chris Petzold
  • Fuse Washington’s communications director, Collin Jergens

Then, continuing our election discussion, we also have a look at a new digital organizing platform called Outreach Circle that uses your personal relationships to empower campaigns.


The Stranger’s Voter Guide: www.thestranger.com/news/2019/10/09…_eid=78020b6f60

Fuse Washington’s Voter Guide: www.progressivevotersguide.com/

Outreach Circle: client.outreachcircle.com

Fight back against Tim Eyman’s reign of anti-tax terror in our state. Eyman brought us the “Advisory Vote” that fills up half the ballot. They DISCOURAGE VOTING among low-information voters by making the prospect of filling out the ballot overwhelming. Very few people know that these measures are meaningless, that it’s OK to leave half your ballot blank, and that Eyman is behind them. Having almost the whole front side of the ballot filled with his garbage isn’t just annoying — it’s deliberately misleading and advances an anti-tax agenda via mischaracterization of budget process.
Write to our legislators and urge them to take action this year.


Sample script:

I urge you to take action on the presence of “advisory votes” on our ballots. Candidates in important races have been pushed to the BACK of the ballot while these meaningless anti-tax measures are put front and center. This confuses voters, wastes tremendous amounts of revenue (up to $3 million if you include the voter’s pamphlet) and serves no purpose other than to spread anti-tax messaging.
It is time to end this farce.
I support SB5224 and I urge you to make it a priority in the upcoming legislative session. Thank you!