Ep. 132: Addressing the World’s Crises with Collective Psychology; A Dispatch on Impeachment

This week, a look at the emerging field of collective psychology, and the interconnection between the many crises we face in our politics, our economies, and our climate at the global level, and the epidemic of depression, anxiety, and addiction at the individual level.

Alex Evans is the creator of the Collective Psychology Project. In his recent paper, “A Larger Us,” he details how the way in which we address how our intertwined nature may determine the fate of the climate, democracy, and even society itself.

Also, a brief dispatch from Europe on impeachment.


A Larger Us: www.collectivepsychology.org/wp-content…ger-Us.pdf

Cancel Matt Shea: www.cancelmattshea.com/take-action?f…qVKA2xSIjhOsw