Ep. 129: A Week of Action to #DefundHate; Hope Frye on Trump’s Continued Assault on Immigrant Children

This week, the fight for refugees and our immigrant communities with a week of action to #DefundHate. Indivisible, along with several partner organizations, is pushing members of Congress to draw down funding for ICE and Customs and Border Protection in next year’s budget.

All this week, groups from across the country are staging rallies, events, and office visits. And here on the west coast, a #DefundHate banner is making its way from the Canadian border down to the Mexico border, gathering signatures all along the way. We check in with two Indivisible leaders, Anita Dietrich and Kat Martin, who are currently on the road with the banner in California.

Then, the Trump administration is pushing forward with regulations that will get rid of the so-called Flores settlement, a legal ruling establishing standards for the treatment of migrant children in detention in the US. Immigration attorney Hope Frye works as a Flores monitor, and she joins us to talk about what these changes in the law may mean, and about why the Trump administration is looking to end the monitoring of these children in detention.


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Call/Video Script:
My name is [NAME] and I’m asking [member of Congress/Senator] to commit to cut funding for DHS, ICE, and CBP, and to get rid of the slush fund for ICE that Trump can and will use to terrorize our immigrant communities.

The immigration crisis at our southern border is not due to a lack of resources; it’s due to Congress allowing those resources to be used to maximize cruelty instead of meeting the real humanitarian needs that exist.

When next year’s budget comes up for a vote, I’m asking [member of Congress/Senator] to vote to Defund Hate.

Project Lifeline: projectlifeline.us/

Project Amplify: amplifythechildren.org/

Sen. Jeff Merkley’s Stop Cruelty to Migrant Children Act: www.merkley.senate.gov/news/press-re…ren-at-border