Ep. 127: Calling Bullsh*t at UW’s Center for an Informed Public; Defeating Mitch McConnell in KY

The University of Washington recently received a $5 million grant to launch the Center for an Informed Public, a multi-disciplinary endeavor at the University of Washington aimed at strengthening our democracy by addressing the many threats posed by the propagation of disinformation, not just online, but also by governments foreign and domestic.

We talk with the center’s inaugural director, Jevin West, who’s best known for his course entitled “Calling Bullshit,” which teaches students how to discern and dispatch with disinformation.

Then, in the first of our reports from Indivisible’s very first National Campaigns Network in DC, we talk with a leader from Indivisible Kentucky about the race to unseat Mitch McConnell, and how Indivisibles here in Washington can best get involved in the fight.


Jevin West’s TEDx talk: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZeMRy_PTmA

The complete 2017 Calling Bullsh*t course videos: callingbullshit.org/videos.html

Calling Bullsh*t syllabus: callingbullshit.org/syllabus.html

See if you can tell which face is real, and which is a computer amalgam: www.whichfaceisreal.com

Contact Indivisible Kentucky to help #DitchMitchwww.facebook.com/indivisibleky/