Election Security Advocate Jennifer Cohn; 18th LD Rep. Candidate Donna Sinclair

This week, we talk election security with one of America’s foremost election security advocates, Jennifer Cohn. She lays out the many threats that are facing the integrity of our vote, both foreign and domestic. Some of them you’re familiar with, but I can pretty much guarantee some of them will surprise you.

Then, we talk with Donna Sinclair, a professor of history at WSU Vancouver who has just declared her candidacy for state representative in the 18th LD.

Also, in keeping with our discussion about voting, this week’s essay is all about our first primary ballot.


Election security organizations Jennifer Cohn advocates supporting:

Coalition for Good Governance: coalitionforgoodgovernance.org

Election Defense: www.electiondefense.org/

SMART Elections: smartelections.us

Donna Sinclair’s campaign website: www.sinclair4state.com/