Combatting Digital Disinformation with Shireen Mitchell

Today, with 30 days to go before the election, we are expecting a dramatic increase in online disinformation, from both foreign and domestic actors—even within actual campaigns.

Shireen Mitchell has been fighting disinformation for over a decade. She is the founder of both Digital Sistas, the first organization dedicated to bringing women and girls of color online, as well as Stop Online Violence Against Women.

In 2018, she published a groundbreaking report showing that Russian ads in 2016 were created with the specific intent of suppressing the black vote. This year, she released a new report specifically defining digital voter suppression.

Shireen has been doing a series of online seminars with Washington Plus Indivisible and the Washington Indivisible (highly recommended):

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Wednesday, October 14
1:30 PM PT
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WEBINAR ONE: Fighting Back Against Disinformation and Digital Voter Suppression:…&

WEBINAR TWO: Deep dive: responding to disinformation and digital voter suppression:

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